Johor Parking Rates Wanted


How Marketplace Works in Brief

Simple Guidelines for Posting and Receiving Approval for your Marketplace Listing

1. You must register as user.

2.  Your listing should include clear contact.

3.  Your product and service must be of quality and priced reasonably.

4.  Choose the marketplace category that describes your product/service and create your ad.

5. Once you have created your ad, it will go into a moderation queue. Wait patiently for the approval, please allow 1 to 2 business
    day for processing.

6. If you do not see your listing after 2 business day, assume that your listing has been denied. We do not inform and give reason
    for denied posting. But you could contact our customer service for further inquiries.

7. However, a verified Merchant will have the privilege to have their ad up in the listing without waiting!