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Marketplace Advertising Acceptability Guidelines

To post on the Marketplace, you must adhere to the following guidelines. Failure to comply with these procedures may result in your listing being deleted without warning.

  • Sellers must not advertise an item which is not intended to sell or something you do not have in your immediate possession.
  • Offensive language is prohibited. Use proper language when describing the sale of items. Try to make your description as concise and truthful as possible. may withdraw or alter an ad that contains inappropriate language or information.
  • Do not BOLD or use all UPPERCASE when writing description. Shorthand text is not allowed. (Eg. Abt, 2 for "to")
  • Flaming is strictly prohibited here at
  • No listing of any information that is unrelated to the sale items.
  • Listing of seller information is a must when posting ads. However No listing of personal/company information, profile or price in the description or title of the ad, there are specific fields to enter this information. 
  • No listing of URL. Don't direct people to another website for more details.
  • We only allow one ad per same item/service.  If you have different item/service to list, post separate ads   with the details. A duplicate ad is not allowed.
  • Do not repost the same listing just to stay on top of the list. 
  • You must include a price in the 'selling price' field. Where GST is applicable on any items you are selling   the advertised price must be inclusive of GST.
  • Your ad must contain a clearly defined price.  However if you want offers, please state in the description   add that the price is negotiable.
  • Users must ensure that they place their listing in the correct category. Listings in the wrong or inappropriate category will result in your listing being removed to avoid confusion.
  • Prohibited items/services, stolen/pirated and items that violate intellectual property rights are NOT allowed to be listed. will not be liable for any legal actions and will report the users to the relevant authorities.